Günter Brus, Self-Painting, Self-Mutilation (1965)
“Self-painting is a further development of painting. The pictorial surface has lost its function as sole expressive support. It was led back to its origins, the wall, the object, the living being, the human body. By incorporating my body as expressive support, occurrences arise as a result, the course of which the camera records and the viewer can experience…” 

She’s lying beside me. Pretends to sleep.
Will anything nice survive the destruction?
We’ve killed everything. Bright moths
touch both sides of the window. Peace.
Quiet so far.
A hundred times she made clear she did not want me.
But I tried every male
trick. She’s here. She’s
beside me in someone’s bed.
She lost. Won. I won. Lost.
She’s lying there. Dressed, I sit down
at a distance. Watching.
Knocked over, broken teacups.
Ashtray with two long butts.
When she opens her eyes, I’ll open fire.